What to Pack for Your Trip to Spain


Are you planning to spend your holiday in Spain but still have no idea what to carry? Unlike normal trips, travelling to Spain requires you to be selective on what to include in your luggage. This is to avoid carrying unnecessary items that will make your package heavy. Things to include in your package will be greatly be influenced by places you plan to visit, occasions to attend and season you plan to tour Spain. We are going to look at essentials of what to pack for your trip to Spain.


Spain is among the few countries that still values conservative dressing. Since you are on a holiday, you necessarily don’t have to be on strict official wear. Smart casual wear is preferable; you can try a pair of jeans with a decent top. Carry a scarf to cover your shoulders as a sign of respect while visiting religious places. When travelling during winter, remember to carry correct jacket to keep you warm. While during summer you can carry a pair of light jacket and some sun protection glasses or hat.


Since your stay will most probably involve a lot of moving, it is advisable to carry comfortable pair of shoes. Carry comfortable flat shoes that match your casual wear. The shoes should protect your feet from sharp cobblestone pavements which are common in the streets. Carry a pair of sandals to wear while on the beach or when relaxing indoors.

Travel guidebook

You have probably researched on places to visit and what to do prior to visiting Spain. It might be hard to remember all those places, bearing in mind that it might be your first time to tour Spain. Guide book will help you navigate easily through the busy streets of Spain and find best hotels and restaurants for accommodation. Remember to stick to your travel wish plans in order to attain the purpose of visit.

Camera and journal

This will make it easy for you to document history and capture fun moments for future reference. The journal will help you plan and accomplish different daily activities, thus making your stay more organised. After the trip, it will be easy to refresh your memories without forgetting any detail with the aid of the journal and pictures. It will also be easy to share your experience in Spain with families and friends.

Laundry detergent and toiletries

It is advisable to carry detergent because it is hard to spot a laundry in Spain or it might be expensive. Carry your favourite toiletries since the market might be stocked with a wide variety making it difficult for you to select. On arrival, ensure that you carry enough tissue packets to carry on public toilets.

Voltage converter

You will definitely want to charge your electronics devices during the stay. Carry a voltage convertor to avoid electric upsurge which could damage your electronic devices. Most hotels in Spain are connected to 220 volts power supply; this might not be the case in your country of origin or with your device manufacturer. The converter will help regulate the voltage to desired level making it safe to use for your electronic devices.


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