Things that might surprise you about Spain



Spain is an exceptional tourist destination that offers fantastic places to visit. The country has some of the most fabulous beaches, hotels and exotic places to visit. Spain is one of the world’s oldest cultures and their influence can be seen around the world. The early Spanish explorers greatly influenced the modern and their country still holds some of their iconic beliefs and heritage. If you are looking for a place to tour then Spain is the country for you. Here are things that might surprise you about Spain.

The Spaniards have a New Year custom called Twelve Grapes
During the New Year celebrations, Spaniards eat one grape after each bell strike with their family members. This custom was crafted by Spanish grape farmers as a way of selling their excess grape produce. Try and visit Spain before New Year’s Eve to engage in this interesting custom.

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world
Spain produces 45% of all olive oil across the globe. Most of us believe that Italy is the largest olive oil producer but Spain takes up the spot as largest producer of olive oil. While Spain consumes 20% of the total oil produced in the world while Italy consumes up to 30% of all the Olive oil produced.

Spaniards have two surnames
Spaniards can have two surnames, the first from the father and the second from the mother. This was before the gender equality law was amended which ended this tradition. Nowadays children can have their mother’s surname as their first name. This tradition meant that Spaniards had some interesting names compared to rest of the world.

Spain did not officially participate in the two World Wars
Spanish leaders were inclined to supporting Italy and Germany whereas most the country’s citizens in exile supported France and fought against the Axis Powers. For this reason, Spain was never seen to officially participate in the two World Wars as it fought on both fronts. The government was divided into two factions in the World War II making it hard for country to participate in the war.

Spain is 13th largest economy in the world
With a GDP of $1.4 trillion, Spain definitely has a strong economy. With such a good GDP, tourists are guaranteed of good infrastructure and magnificent cities. The country’s strong economy attracts investors across the globe to come and invest in the country. While you are visiting the country you can be assured on enjoying the best of the country.

Ibiza is Europe’s favorite party place
The Island of Ibiza attracts more than 2 million tourists each year. Tourists get to party with world’s top DJs thus attracting millions of revelers. If you are looking to party hard then Spain has one of the best spots. Yachts are available for hire and you cruising through the calm waters in Ibiza.

Two of the world’s biggest football clubs hail from Spain
Real Madrid and Barcelona are some of the biggest football clubs across the globe. Tourists travel from far and wide just to come and see this two clubs battle in the La Liga. The clash of this two teams has come to be known as El Classico with its huge fan-base.


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